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Nature offers all what humankind needs to feel better and green technology allows to extract and isolate previous actives. This started centuries ago to provide more efficiently food and now it is used to be more respectful of nature and be fully eco-responsible specially with rare resources.

On our site of Limoges  we developed extractive technologies to capture metabolites and concentrated extracts from plants. During more than 30 years of experience in natural extraction we have developed hundreds of products including unique active ingredients for hair and skincare such as

  • Cell’intact
  • Sens’flower
  • Celebr’age Getto
  • Glycuron 2.78
  • Glycuron Marshmallow
  • Phyt’anim Grains of Paradise
  • AdvensClear Q73
  • Salicylic Acid


Microalgae for natural ingredient sourcing

Blue biotechnology will naturally find its space in the use of sea resources, even from the most delicate organisms like microalgae. We have constituted a collection of hundred of microalgae with unique properties and benefits for human care.

At our site of Le Bourget du lac, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of various microorganisms and in particular of microalgae  cultivating and engineering microalgae to produce innovative skin care products from peptides, polysaccharides to complex proteins such as collagen-like molecules.

Our scientists are dedicated to identifying and develop molecules to provide the best skin care benefits.

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Be innovative and creative for the future with the help of nature imagination

The biotechnologies are considered as a driving force of progress. The white biotechnology or although called industrial biotechnology has been fully integrated within SEQENS backbone to respond to the needs of our departments like Personal Care.

This science is well developed through more than 40 years of cumulated experience on our biotechnology platforms. Our focus is the development of green chemistry replacing traditional ways of producing molecules. Thus, we provide alternative as well as complementary technologies to respond to a growing need for green  and biodegradable products. We provide to our cosmetic scientists all necessary tools for the development of innovative products, with specific properties and environmentally friendly. Through this technology, we can address a wide range of products from fragrance ingredients, actives ingredients, functional ingredients to auxiliary of transformation.

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