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Inspirational Extracts​

Inspirational Extracts

Inspirational & titrated extracts.

Seqens Personal Care offers a wide array of tailor-made botanical ingredients thanks to expertise in botanical and biotech extractions along with best-in-class project management skills, agility and flexibility.

Our expertise in enzymatic extraction and purification enables Seqens to develop ingredients with controlled traceability, best-in-class quality and analytical profiling, together with substantiated efficacy.



  • FRUITS​ Example:​lemon, pomegranate, ​fig, peach…​
  • TREES​ Example:​panama wood, ​silver birch, beech…​
  • FLOWERS​ Example:​ cherry blossom,​cotton, wild pansy…​
  • HERBS Example:​lemon verbena, thyme, rosemary…​



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