The digital transformation of Seqens

Products & Technologies

The Seqens group has been built since its creation on a voluntarist policy of continuous improvement of its plants and processes, in which digital technologies are a natural part.

As a major player in pharmaceutical synthesis, all the efforts of the different Seqens sites are underpinned by common ambitions:

  • how to produce in an even safer way ?
  • how to continue to optimize the quality of our products?
  • how to always improve customer satisfaction?

The adoption of new solutions or technologies is very fast as soon as they support these objectives.
“Seqens has a very pragmatic approach to Manufacturing 4.0” explains Alexandre Gultzgoff, CIO and CDO of the group. “It’s not a question of testing technologies for fun, but of responding to issues or areas for improvement identified by the teams in the field. In addition to this, there is also a more strategic dimension carried by the members of the Executive Committee, who are all convinced of the competitive advantage that technology can bring. »
The mixed Business and IT teams of Seqens have built little by little a network of partners sharing our values and ambitions to bring the best possible answer to each challenge. From specialized start-ups to maintenance task scheduling to the essential GAFA, the projects carried by each one are all appreciated at the end on the direct or indirect value they bring to Seqens’ customers.

“As demonstrated by our positioning in the FranceChimie survey, the digital transformation of Seqens is taking place on all the axes at the service of our operations,” says Alexandre Gultzgoff. “The teams are really involved in this necessary process of continuous optimization of our operations thanks to this combination of technology and know-how, which is essential to the viability of future relocation projects in our industry”.