Isopropanol: Seqens plans to invest in a new production plant


A new plant of IPA in France

Seqens is a major European player in high value oxygenated solvents through its Solvents & Phenol Specialties Business Unit. It plans to invest in a second production plant for isopropanol (IPA) on the Roussillon chemical platform, France.

With this expansion, Seqens’ global annual production capacity of IPA will increase by more than 70%. The new unit, with a capacity of 50.000 metric tons per year, is planned to start up in 2021 and will benefit from an optimized production process based on the experience gained on Seqens’ first production unit as well as competitive access to raw materials and energy to be supplied by the platform.

Thanks to this investment, Seqens will continue its downstream integration and will be able to meet further growing demand of IPA, including new high-end applications. This additional capacity will also allow the ramp up of the production of several downstream specialty products such as isopropyl acetate (IPAC) and diisopropyl ether (DIPE).