Seqens North America Named Best Pharmaceutical Synthesis Company 2019


It is always surprising and humbling to be notified that you have won awards you haven’t applied for: no submission, no abstract, no fee, no crowdsourced “vote for your favorite CDMO.”  No waiting in anticipation for that early morning call, as I imagine Nobel prize nominees do.  Apparently, unbeknownst to us, we were nominated.  The first we heard about it was in the congratulatory awards notification from Acquisition International (AI), a large-circulation UK-based business magazine.

AI’s Business Excellence awards “commend the businesses doing truly great things within their respective fields of expertise.” 

It made us think about how we go about our work, as that apparently catches people’s attention. We don’t set out to win awards.  And while we don’t consciously think about doing great things either, we do aim every day to get our sponsors’ projects done imaginatively and purposefully, using our deep institutional knowledge to efficiently create one novel pharmaceutical products or specialized ingredient after another.  It’s extremely challenging work – but tremendously rewarding to know we have had a part in developing pharmaceutical products, medical devices, combination products, and GMP foods that are having therapeutic benefit and improving safety and quality of life for many.  It’s a strong motivator.

Not only AI, but others have also noticed that over the years Seqens North America grew from a regional CDMO services provider to now being part of a major player, Seqens CDMO, which Specialty Chemicals Magazine calls “the new kid on the block.” 

They might have called us the new big kid on the block. We are now a multinational CDMO, part of Seqens with its 24 industrial plants, three R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia, and a total workforce of approximately 3,200 to meet growing demand for our products.

At Seqens North America (formerly PCI Synthesis), we continue to focus largely on GMP materials, both drug substances and nutraceuticals, as well as GMP polymers and specialty ingredients. Below summarizes what we do and how we do it.

Quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Whether creating New Chemical Entities (NCEs), generic APIs, controlled substances or specialized ingredients, we are known for our smart, stable team of PhD scientists who understand the complex dynamics of small molecules, from developing the routes of synthesis, optimizing molecules, performing process improvements and scaling up to manufacturing.

They, and our savvy sponsors, also know why and how quality APIs confer competitive advantage. We help sponsors execute on their preferred business model by bringing a product to market sooner, attracting a licensing agreement or encouraging higher bids for the product.

Not all CDMOs are alike. On the dark side of our business are poorly manufactured or compromised APIs that often result in delays as steps need to be repeated along with updates in analytical methods and documentation, all of which are time-consuming.   And the cost of delay is not just monetary.  Faulty APIs have been connected to serious illnesses and some deaths. They can result not only in legal action, but also in damage to a sponsor’s reputation, which is not easily overcome.  With speed to market critical to achieving business goals, such unnecessary setbacks are painful—and most often avoidable.

GMP Polymers

The applications for Medical Grade Polymers we produce include medical devices, drug delivery technologies, therapeutics, excipients, and medical grade coatings.  The large variety of polymer projects we engage in enables our teams not only to improve the speed and efficiency of polymerization processes, but also to adopt the latest analytical techniques to support their development.

A commitment to quality

The thread that holds these varied CDMO activities together is a commitment to quality. Like a chef who uses only the best ingredients with the know-how to combine them to cook that special meal, we employ our knowledge of chemistry and best practices in everything we do, every day, for every sponsor and every project. That is our culture. And we don’t keep those best practices to ourselves. We share our methods with the industry in our blogs, at industry meetings and in articles. 

We are deeply grateful to the sponsors who inspire us to do our best work, and who take the time to nominate us for awards. We also greatly appreciate those organizations such as AI for their recognition, naming us the best pharmaceutical synthesis company 2019. It is a great honor.

We’re also proud of the awards we’ve won, including being name a Top Performer in 12 categories in the 2019 CMO Leadership Awards for a total of 36 awards since 2013. For more information about our approach, check out our blog or call us at (978) 462-5555.