Seqens Cosmetics strengthens the traceability of its organic assets by authenticating plant species using DNA tests.


Since May 2019, all biological actives produced by Seqens Cosmetics have been traced on the blockchain (, which makes it possible to guarantee compliance in real time with the COSMOS standard from the plant raw material to the finished product.

In addition to this transparency approach, Seqens Cosmetics has decided to use DNA Gensee to guarantee the authenticity of the plant species used in its biological assets by means of DNA tests.

First, we will guarantee the authenticity of the organic buckwheat contained in Cell’intactTM; our ambition is to gradually extend DNA testing to all plant species used in the manufacture of our biological assets, in order to guarantee our customers the authenticity of our raw materials.

marie-alex premier seqens cosmectics

Marie-Alex Premier

Vice-President Cosmetics Division, Seqens Group

The genetic analyses carried out by DNA Gensee will enable Seqens to guarantee to its customers the authenticity of the botanical species used as raw materials. This is a further step towards the transparency demanded by the cosmetics market.

Nicole Giraud

President, DNA Gensee