Seqens attends the Chemspec exhibition – Meet us at booth E90 !


This year again, Seqens attends the Chemspec exhibition to present its CDMO and Specialty Ingredients activities. Meet our team at booth E90 to discover our offers !

A wide continuum of technologies

Seqens offers a wide continuum of technologies covering small-scale to large-scale chemical synthesis and distillation including distinctive reactions such as Friedel-Crafts, Grignard, cryogenic reactions, polymerization, biocatalysis or low-metal capabilities. This industrial network is supported by focused R&D capabilities.
This unique continuum of technologies allows Seqens to manufacture the most complex molecules, offering both custom manufacturing and catalog products.

Seqens offers also high purity oxygenated solvents leveraging its back-integration and a large range of Minerals Specialties products.
The group also works in areas of particular expertise and importance. First, electronics with our products and services offering focusing on specialty chemicals & polymers for semiconductor lithography and organic electronics leveraging our high purity level and low metal content capabilities. We have also a strong presence in lubricant additives with additives and packages for industrial lubricants, protection and metalworking.

Finally, cosmetics is a strategic and growing segment for Seqens with a full range of botanical active ingredients, a strong and long-lasting presence in custom actives and an extensive range of functional ingredients including a successful and growing range of diols (ChemoxyCare®).