Seqens at In-cosmetic 2019


Seqens Cosmetics has participated to the In Cosmetics Paris show under their new brand for the first time. The actuality was quite rich with the launch of 3 new products

3 new products to discover

This year again, the result of Seqens Cosmetics participation at In-cosmetic was really positive with the launch of 3 products:

  • Glycuron™ 2.78, a high molecular weight polysaccharide rich in uronic acid produced by biotechnology, able to enhance measurable positive image perception.
  • Megabiotic™-44, a Pre and Postbiotics complex, microorganism able to enhance pore refinement.
  • ChemoxyCare® 6, an excellent humectant and emollient and shows very good preservative boosting properties. ChemoxyCare® 6 presents best in class purity and organoleptic properties (odorless, colorless), and especially focuses on Asian skins for its light feel and excellent safety profile.

Seqens cosmetics also introduced its new platform blockchain technology.  This platform offering traceability of cosmetic active ingredients through the blockchain will be available on May 1st 2019.

Seqens Cosmetics team was really pleased to participate to this Incos edition in Paris.