Safety – The genesis: from laboratory to factory


Our research centers, pilot plants and production facilities are fully dedicated to the development and production of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty ingredients.

Controlling the risks inherent in processes is an important part of our business. Beyond industrial hygiene, it is particularly important to guarantee the thermal safety of chemical reactions (hydrogenation, Grignard, ethoxylation, Friedel-Craft…).

For this purpose, Seqens has a process safety laboratory, located at the Porcheville R&D center. It is supervised by Laurent FOSSET, PhD in chemistry and expert in process safety and associated tests.

Very well equipped, this laboratory has all the apparatus necessary for the characterization and prevention of the risks of runaway reactions and decomposition.

  • Apparatus for screening the thermal stability of raw materials, intermediates, reaction media and finished products: DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), SETARAM C80 Calvet Calorimeter.
  • Reaction calorimeters: RC1 calorimeter, Algochem automated reactor
  • Adiabatic calorimeters: Phi-TEC

This equipment allows the acquisition of experimental data essential to the understanding and control of chemical reactions. At each step of the scale-up, a technical safety file is elaborated which allows us to design and develop robust and safe processes.

The process safety laboratory and our know-how also enable us to support our customers in solving problems and manufacturing their molecules in complete safety.