Raymond Sinnah’s interview in 2021 Singapore Chemicals edition


Singaporean chemical industry

Global Business Reports (GBR) launches its 2021 Singapore Chemicals edition in a digital interactive format. This report describes the performance of the chemical industry in Singapore in 2020. It is based on 69 interviews with leading chemical, energy, logistics, environmental and digital companies which are driving the industry. As president of Seqens Mineral Specialties division, Raymond Sinnah answered their questions about our company, our SD-CSR projects and our vision for the future.

In Singapore, we are the first manufacturing site to valorise the CO2 emitted by the petrochemical industry on Jurong Island; the by-product is valorised through water treatment and industrial applications.


Raymond Sinnah

President of Seqens Mineral Specialties division

In this report, discover also SEQENS’profile in more details:

Novabay by SEQENS

Seqens Mineral Specialties has been operating in Singapore since 2017. We produce high-quality sodium bicarbonate grades​​ for pharma market, food, feed, homecare and personal care markets all over the world. We benefit from a state-of-the-art facility with an annual production capacity of 70 kt, ensuring our customers a continuous supply throughout the region.

SEQENS | Singapore Plant

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