Project of strategic combination between Novacap and PCAS

Press release

Novacap and pcas entered into negotiations to realize a strategic combination.

To this end, Novacap has offered to purchase blocks of shares from certain PCAS shareholders representing in aggregate more than 50% of the company’s share capital and voting rights.

This combination would enable PCAS to leverage on a solid partner to bolster its ambitious development and transformation strategy. It would create a global leader in the pharmaceutical synthesis and fine specialty chemicals industry, with an international footprint, a large products portfolio and an extensive range of technologies.

PCAS would join Novacap group as a stand-alone and autonomous company. Its current management, Mr. Touraille, Moissenot and Schreiner, would be in charge of implementing the development and transformation strategy of PCAS.

<br>The Novacap team is delighted with the idea of working with the PCAS team to create a leader in the APIs and fine chemicals industry, with outstanding potential for development

Pierre Luzeau

Novacap CEO

This combination project was very well received by PCAS’s main shareholders and its Board of Directors and is fully supported by the whole management team.