How Seqens CDMO’s Specialty Awards from Life Science Leader are Emblematic of Seqens Group’s Customer Focus


We offer hearty congratulations to Seqens CDMO in North America for their outstanding night at the Life Science Leader’s 2019 CMO Leadership Awards.  These are the Oscar awards of drug development, and we watched in awe as our new subsidiary was called to the stage time and time again throughout the evening to accept top awards in 12 categories – as in past years.  There is no question that when it comes to developing and manufacturing new chemical entities (NCEs), generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), GMP foods and other specialty chemical products, they are the stars.

Seqens CDMO group had arrived in New York City to accept CMO Leadership Awards for Quality, Capabilities, Compatibility, Expertise, Reliability, and Service.  Each of these awards were based on the results of surveys of representatives of Big Pharma, Small Pharma and a combination of the two (for the Overall awards), who named Seqens CDMO as their choice in each of these six standard categories.   We had been informed of these awards beforehand.

Then came the surprise: six additional awards, the Specialty Awards.  Like the Oscars, these awards are announced the evening of the awards ceremony, and we couldn’t be prouder.  The awards exemplify so well how Seqens Group, an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, delivers outstanding performance, unrivaled market responsiveness and custom solutions to our customers.

For the 2019 CMO Leadership Awards, Life Science Leader magazine teamed up with Industry Standard Research (ISR) to determine the award recipients. More than 120 contract manufacturers were assessed by 23 performance metrics in ISR’s annual Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking survey. 

The Specialty Awards

Here’s how each of the Specialty Awards exemplifies the whole of our international organization:

Accessible Senior Management:  From cosmetics to solvents, from lubricant additives to pharmaceuticals and electronics, our senior management teams are very involved—and accessible—thanks to being organized by Business Units that focus on operational issues—and our customers.

Innovation: Seqens is on the leading edge of innovation in order to best serve our diverse customers. For example, our Proteus subsidiary has 20+ people working on biocatalysis to speed chemical reactions. Speed is critically important to our customers as they—and we with them—race to meet timelines. On the technology front, we offer deep expertise in such newer technologies as solid state and flow chemistry.

Reputation: We acquired PCI Synthesis, our U.S. CDMO subsidiary, in large part because of its remarkable reputation, which dovetails so well with the reputation and strong track record Seqens has earned in Europe.

Right-First-Time:  Experience and expertise are the hallmarks of developing chemical entities with less guesswork and shorter timelines.  It combines both the art and science of chemical entity development.  

State-of-the-Art and Strength of Science:  The Seqens R&D Center, near Paris, is one of the most advanced in terms of technology platforms, analytical services, and pilot capabilities. It can support development from Phase I to global market launch.

The Specialty Awards categories were established because Life Science Leader readers referred to these attributes as being the most important “intangibles” to the industry.  Likewise, we have won awards in Europe from Big Pharma as a preferred supplier to the biotechs and pharma companies we serve.

We are of course proud of these awards and the consistently hard work, expertise and experience they represent. But ultimately, it’s all about what the many benefits this acquisition brings to our customers: 

  • A strong track record with early-stage clinical stage products to complement our work in later stages of NCE development
  •  U.S.-based R&D and manufacturing sites
  •  Strong commercial dynamics and project management skills
  • A continuum of services along the API life cycle

It’s nice to win awards and recognition by our peers, but our greatest reward comes from working closely, collaboratively and efficiently with our customers to create new and improved products that truly make a difference in health and industry.

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