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Innovative solutions for lower environmental footprint and naturalness

Nature offers all what humankind needs to feel better and green technology allows to extract and isolate previous actives. This started centuries ago to provide more efficiently food and now it is used to be more respectful of nature and be fully eco-responsible specially with rare resources.

On our site of Limoges¬† we developed extractive technologies to capture metabolites and concentrated extracts from plants. During more than 30 years of experience in natural extraction we have developed hundreds of products including unique active ingredients for hair and skincare such as Cell’intact, Sens’flower, Celebr’age Getto, Glycuron 2.78, Glycuron Marshmallow, Phyt’anim Grains of Paradise, AdvensClear Q73, Salicylic Acid

Cell’intact Sens’flower Celebr’age Getto Glycuron 2.78 Glycuron Marshmallow Phyt’anim Grains of Paradise AdvensClear Q73 Salicylic Acid