Cleanpix a new colorimetric test for biocharge evaluation


Protéus launches CleanPix™, a new colorimetric test for biocharge evaluation

CleanPix™ rapidly estimate the microbial charge on surfaces, and even on liquids. This colorimetric test with fast reading (two to three hours for biofilms, and eight to twenty hours for surfaces and near sterile media) requires no specific equipment.

The technology detects a vast majority of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms with a detection threshold covering 1 to 100 germs depending on the species. Protéus launches its first kit adapted to control surfaces, composed of a sterile swab and two tubes (a test tube with the colorimetric reagent and a wetting tube to moisten the swab).

This test can be used in several industries including the medical and hospital settings and even at home (kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools…). The targeted industries are varied, ranging from food and feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries to the hospitality industry (cooking work surfaces, cold rooms) and in construction (cooling towers, air conditioning units). The kits are now available and directly commercialized in France by Protéus.

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